by Scarlet Skies

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released October 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Scarlet Skies Nantes, France


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Track Name: Birth
Long time ago in the silver city
Ruled a king at the core of the world
The man well-known for his versatility
Was only afraid of the Reaper's sword
He asked his way to the oracle
« Your fate is a coin that soon will be tossed,
Your grandson's eyes in a year will sparkle,
And his hand throw you beneath the moss »
His pure daughter, was immediately locked
In a big tower, to prevent her from love
But the lightning god, in no way can be blocked
As a raining gold, to attain her he strove

How come there's such a beauty in here
I dove from the sky your senses to stir
I'm the rain shining through your veins
In your cave I'll be gold leave me reins
Let my shower infiltrate your skin
On my shoulder give me a broad grin

« And, then, the baby was born
I raised him, in the silent tower
But, now, I'll have to face the consequences
My father heard my son, screaming out loud
His wrath was like never before but his fear
Eating him even more
So, in a grievous, livid, hateful oath
He doomed me, his one and only daughter
Heir of his legacy, heart of the city, his flesh and his blood
To be thrown in the dreadful storm of the ocean
Me and my son in a box made of sheer wood
At the mercy of the streams and of a sure death
Ah please, help me, Zeus help me, help me, help me ! »

The waves are beginning to be smoothed out
I can see the light through the box holes
Here the voice of the earth forward
Smell the grace of our saviour now

Long time ago, far from the silver city
A fisherman kept the Reaper at bay for us
My son will grow, thanks his net abilities
The golden rain won't be in vain
Track Name: The Banquet
I can wait to rush things over
But you're leaving me with no choice
I will protect my brothers
Showing you some prowess

You are none but wealthy swindlers
Leading people into a pinch
I will grow as a fighter
Who will not give an inch

So I'm out of this sly banquet
Don't dare seeking for a cover
My return will be a twist
Don't you prey on power

I am going now to a world that's unknown
I broke off with rulers, I will try on my own
I let my dear ones behind, but I won't feel alone
I know they will be fine, fear is making us so well honed

So I'm out of this sly banquet
Don't dare seeking for a cover
My return will be a twist
Don't you prey on power
Track Name: Reflections
My feet tainted by the red soil are used to walk step by step
Toward the next hurdle, the next piece of wood, the next river, the next pebble, the next impediment
Through the ages when I should have been innocent, those feet, were already covered in scars before this very moment

I encountered this dark sphere, floating in mid-air, pulling citizens by cold chains, exhausted faces shows no chance
It seemed to be a smooth black ball, no crack at all, but as I was approaching, greeting my teeth, holding my ground, preparing to fight, I saw the true face of it, and as I realised, I puked
Millions, tens of millions, hundred million, billion gloomy faces with arms and hands, sending notes, files, forms to the chained people
Leaving a mountain-like line of paper behind the following slaves

Amazed, our system was right here, asserving bureaucracy, false democracy, lying meritocracy,
Something I can't destroy through raw force of swordsmanship, in spite of the skills I raised for it

Red flag, lying in the area, grab it, intending to be righteous
Start the movement, march of the oppressed, dream of something else
Progressing by reaction, spirit of revolution, causes overreaction, regressing situation
I only strenghtened the system, tightened up the collars, giving it a reason, an opportunity to harass them even more. Losing hope to raise the crowd, doing nothing but kindling anew their anger towards me, nurturing their despair, so unfair

All because of this flag, this flag I've got with no idea of the person behind, this flag stemming from the apparently filthy hand that lend me this flag
Was I working for some shadows or the sphere itself ?

At this moment I understood, R for repeat, regret, R for rags, R for rage or ranks, R for revolution, this R is leading to a mistake, it's unneeded
Track Name: Medusa
So I took it out, pulled it out, threw it out now
Revolutions have never been a solution

It's an old weapon forged by a broken hammer
With fire nurrished by paper full of blood ink
The same paper falling down from this cold black sphere
I began to build a new system a rough sketch

With hands and soil, sand and joy
Just some ideas in the spur of the moment
But yet I began something
I did engage a process of creation

So I let my weapons down, I refused the flag
I sat, sat in the red soil, grab it with my hands

Letting flow the streaming torrent of my ideas
System stopped its march, citizens lifted up heads
And in this new silence, disturbed by floating papers
I began to build a new system a rough sketch

With hands and soil, sand and joy
Just some ideas in the spur of the moment
But yet I began something
Consequently I started evolution
Track Name: Andromeda
Come on Andromeda, you don't have to stay there, we're going to cry
I'm not a messiah, I'm just a wanderer, you're making me high
Light up Andromeda, you don't have to die, I'm taking you far,
I'm not a believer, but I can't be a loner, we're going to fly
Track Name: Games
I will put an end to this
Disgrace on all your deeds
Now people take the lead

I will wave the monster's head
There are no tears to shed
Petrify for the dead

The banquet is over
For the king it's a checkmate
You won't have to suffer
They won't retaliate

I will ride to the games
Now for you my friends
On my road to the fame
We can proudly stand

And the Gods will bestow
For my discus's throw
Stupor, grandfather
I've become a murderer

Why did my rise tainted me red
Why are my genes turned into shreds
Oh father now you're so cold
In your eye dice stopped to roll

Father, you walk there
I'm your Reaper flare
You're my DNA
We met fate today

My identity was a symphony
Back you up on this, fate's a nemesis
I'll keep going on, flame has never gone
Regardless of crests, we will shape the rest